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Mia Taylor 

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       A Truly Unique Path to Your Success!


If you are reading this page it is because you have hit an obstacle in your path to success.  You have the knowledge, you just need the structure and the motivation to study. During my long career in medical education, I have helped over 4000 Caribbean medical students prepare for and PASS their Step 1. I can share my 19-years of experience with you. I truly believe that my service (as detailed below) will make a huge impact on your Step 1.


By working as a team, you and I can overcome this momentous hurdle of Step 1. You have worked hard and sacrificed much time and money in pursuit of a worthy dream. 


My program is specifically built to focus and motivate students, as well as help with test anxiety.  The approach that I have developed is highly personalized. It is designed to precisely target the individual's analyzed needs. My service is strictly one-on-one, providing a unique opportunity for feedback, study plan tailoring, and a highly efficient question-answer cycle.


Not a classroom, but a teaching relationship.


Here is how I can I help YOU 

You and I will develop an intense Study Plan that will capitalize on your strengths, build your confidence, test taking skills, knowledge base and -especially- increase your focus and motivation!

  • ​You'll get my individualized services via daily or weekly texts, phone calls, face-time and/or emails to keep you motivated and on track to pass your Step. 

  • You will be getting the very best individualized structured Study Plan at an affordable price.

  • I will be analyzing and tweaking your every practice exam. Individualized attention sets me apart from the rest!

  • Responsive and Proactive when you need to talk to someone who knows the process. I'm just a phone call/text away with answers to your questions and motivating your study day!

​ You have the knowledge, you just need the structure and the motivation to study.

 You have a deadline. Contact me TODAY to get started on your Study Plan of attack!!